8 Things Clients Might Not Know About Surveillance Firms


1.  We always book early for weekends & holidays.  

And we hate saying the word "can't" to our clients.  If possible, try to book early.  Or ask us to remind you a few weeks ahead of time.  

We don't mind!  

2.  We want to make your life easier. 

If you prefer a different format or delivery of a report / video, just let us know!  Maybe email delivery is best for you, or maybe a CD/DVD sent directly to your imaginging department works better.  

Just let us know and we can carry some of the load for you!  

3.  We are as frustrated as you are when the claimant isn't active.  

Every single time we worry the last case form you might be our last.  Even though we know surveillance is a statistical game.  We work hard to get the best possible background information, watch the weather closely, and try to pick just the right day.

 But it bothers us too.  

4.  We love feedback!  Good or Bad!

We know you pay the bills for our firm and provide for our worker's families.  

We are always looking for ways to improve!  

5.  We worry when we recommend more time, you think we're trying to take advantage of you.  

And we are never offended when you say no.  

6.  We know you are pressured to always watch your costs.  

If ever pressured by your manager about an invoice, we would always rather reduce it when possible, than never receive another file from you.  

7.  We know that you are busy, and we try to stay out of your hair.  

Please don't take that to mean we don't care.  

We do.  


8.  We LOVE being part of your team! 

We love when we can help resolve your claims!  

And we appreciate you allowing us to work with you.